Author: eppsnl

Diorama Build: Kong vs Godzilla

It’s no secret I love bad movies and with it, the cheesy monster flicks of old. One of my favourites has to be the 1962 King Kong vs Godzilla with a plot so insane you’d probably think I’m making it up. Essentially, a pharmaceutical company has decided they want King Kong ot become their mascotte, […]


Informal notes on my OBS setup for scenes, use as a webcam, streaming and recording. Lights Close curtains to gain full control of lights. Fuck the sun!“Activate streamer mode” on smart lights: Desktop light and ceiling light to white, 100%. Aim desk light to wall to bounce light off for soft clear look. Kallax light […]

IKEA Hack: Dual Monitor Stand

A while ago I got fed up with my monitors and peripherals hogging so much space on my desk. Not only that, but it made my desk looked cluttered as fuck which does not sparkle joy. I wanted to be able to fit my Arturia MiniLab, PC keyboard and mouse, USB amplifier, a drawing tablet […]

DIY Arduino Ambilight with Prismatik

Dit artikel is overgenomen van mijn oude build blog uit 2018. Een deel van deze info zal mogelijk verouderd zijn, maar wel relevant om een project als deze mee op te zetten. Veranderingen zijn: nieuwe functies in de software waaronder een betere audio visualiser, stroomlimiet, meekleuren met F.lux en Windows night light. One of my […]

STL: Swiss Army Style SD Card Holder

A swiss army inspired SD card case. You can add as many layers as you like/need to fit all your cards and just as with the flat case each card is locked in place. In the end it’s held together by two m3 screws and bolts. I personally added a ballpoint pen spring to the […]

STL: Super Flat SD Holder

A 2 part flat SD card holder that fits up to 4 cards. Takes up as little room as possible while still keeping your cards safe so you can always squeeze them in somewhere. Inserting them upside-down also pushes the SD card write protection slider to on. Lid is optional