Setting up the Site

The domain has been in my possession since 2010 and has been used for many different things over the years. Hosting school projects, a personal blog, easy filesharing, hosting testing environments for other sites I ran are just a few of the many things I’ve used it for. Recently I’ve started messing around with Arduino’s more often and with the purchase of a 3D printer I felt like it would be nice to have a place for me to document and share my creations in great detail.

Theme and colour scheme

To those who know me its no secret that I am a sucker for Material Design and flat UI’s in general. I simply find them to have a perfect balance between being clean, easy to navigate while still drawing ones attention to the important content. As such it’s no wonder I decided to choose a theme that not only fulfils my need for a flat UI, but also one that’s responsive considering the majority of internet traffic now occurs on mobile devices. After comparing several themes I ended up using the current theme, Realistic by Asmi Khalil.

In the past I’ve used blue, red and green colour schemes although this time around I wanted to go orange. As such my old logo was been recoloured using orange tints from the Material Design colour palette and the theme’s colour scheme set to it’s build-in orange-red theme. However this scheme looked a bit off to me and unfortunately this theme does not support custom colour schemes. Of course that’s nothing one can’t fix by inspecting elements and adding some custom CSS:


A WordPress site is only as good as the plugins it uses. Considering I will be hosting many code blocks having some form of syntax highlighting is necessity in this installation. For this I’ve tried Google’s Prettify and Prism JS, and while they both work flawlessly, the Crayon Syntax plugin offers a more user friendly experience and better theme support. Call me lazy, but I just don’t feel like reinventing the wheel and learning all the class tags by heart when there’s an option with an easy to use menu available.

Aside from this my a collection of basic plugins are being used as well. Contact Form 7 is present to prevent spam from having an email address listed publicly, Fancybox was added to enlarge images when clicking on them, WP Super Cache is here to lower bandwidth use and SVG support was added as well as I love me some SVG files. Some other plugins for added security are present as well.

Future plans

As for what the future will bring, only time can tell. Hopefully it will be many fun, useful and more often silly projects.